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The Parents’ Voice By Shelley Heaphy for The Parents’ Voice

School is out but learning doesn’t stop

Don’t despair mom and dad, even though school is out your kids are still those little sponges who love to take in anything and everything you give them. They may moan and groan at the idea of sitting down to actually do school work, so pass on that (unless your kids love playing school) and integrate all the learning into everyday, fun summer activities. Here are some ideas to help get you started!
Okay, so we’re big on literacy at the Parents’ Voice because it’s one of the most important skills for children to acquire. If they can communicate in some way (verbally, through writing or using a computer) they’re ahead. Literacy is everywhere. Read street signs in new towns you’re visiting, read pamphlets on places you’d like to go visit, write stories about the things you want to do in the summer, write packing lists for trips you’re going to take, play hangman in the car, tell stories by the campfire, write thank you notes for fun adventures with friends.
The list is ever growing, any kind of writing/reading/storytelling you can do over the summer is awesome.

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