The Way We Were

Compiled by Bonnie Chevrier

Mar. 9, 1994

25 Years Ago

PPHS Drama Festival Opens: About 300 students in grades 7 through 11 have spent the past month working on productions to present during the high school’s annual drama festival.
Joan Conrod, head of the English department and drama coordinator was very pleased with the success of opening night.
The students are involved in all aspects of the production including stage crews, make-up, announcing, ticket sales and developing the programs.
“A Case for Two Spies” was the first of eight more productions to be presented during the festival. In one scene of the play, Agent 145 1/2 played by Robert McMunn, interrogates Gertrude Gorgeous, played by Angie Belsher during the presentation at Pontiac High School on opening night.
Wee 4-H Club studies horses: The Shawville Pee-Wee 4-H Club is devoting its entire year to horses.


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