Think of the children

Christmas is almost upon us, the stores are full of pretty decorations and we are all wondering what we can buy for our loved ones. Our children will have a wonderful time and so they should.
I was recently packing some little gifts for my beloved relatives back home in the British Isles when a thought came over me, ‘Should I not be sending a donation to some of the less fortunate people in what they call third world countries?’
I have heard it said that if you donate say $20 maybe only $5 reaches the poor, unfortunate, starving people; true or false, I don’t know, but if whatever amount gets there and goes to feeding those people, then good.
We in the Western world, as they call it, had no choice as to where we were born, neither did those in other parts of the world where they don’t even have good drinking water. Here, in comparison to those poor countries there is no such thing as poverty, we can all eat! When I hear of people spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and even millions on say, antiques, art work, etc., couldn’t some of that money be sent overseas to help feed these people?
This Christmas, as we rejoice, let us remember that out there in far off lands there are people much worse off than ourselves. Think of the little children out there and regardless of religious and political beliefs, we are all part of God’s bouquet.

Paul Stanworth
Campbell’s Bay

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