Time to put on our citizen hats

As citizens in a country like Canada, we get to enjoy a number of perks: universal healthcare, reasonably affordable post-secondary education and, compared to our southern neighbours, a far less toxic political climate.
In exchange for these perks, we have responsibilities we have to live up to as citizens.
The first responsibility, unsurprisingly, is that we have to pay taxes. Not too many people abdicate that responsibility because the government is pretty good at keeping tabs on who owes them money.
The second responsibility is to obey the laws of the land. The prospect of a jail term seems to serve as a fairly effective way to ensure compliance.
But the other responsibility is one that’s overlooked far too often: educating ourselves about our representatives.
Too many people see election time as a nuisance where they have to rearrange their daily schedule to cast a ballot that – in their opinion – will change little.


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