TransporAction changes their protocols

Darius Shahheydari
PONTIAC March 25, 2019
Transportation service TransporAction, has implemented strict measures in response to the COVID-19 epidemic.
Sylvie Bertrand, the director, said they have closed the doors of their location to the public. Service for medical issues is continuing, since it is considered essential.
Dialysis and cancer treatment appointments where doctors are forced to see clients fall under this category.
The company has also ceased to offer their double-riding service, where a couple of clients would be driven in one vehicle if they had their appointments at the same place or at the same time. Dialysis visits are an exception, since they are serviced by a bus.
The organization’s busses and adapted transport vehicles have also been equipped with sanitation products, like hand sanitizer.
In addition, when anyone calls for the service now, they are asked if they have been out of the country in the last couple of weeks. If anyone has returned to the country during this period, they are not accepted for the service.
“We do not put our volunteer [drivers] in that situation,” said Bertrand.
Trips which usually were serviced by the vans are now serviced by buses in order for the riders to have more space to practice physical distancing. Upon boarding the bus, these patients now have to keep a certain distance away from the bus driver. The driver must make sure of this.
Their volunteer drivers have also been affected by the virus.
“Lots of our volunteers decided not to do any transportation because of their age,” she said.
TransporAction is still offering service for groceries and other essential runs, though the clients must be going on the trips with the drivers.
Bertrand said many clients are canceling their appointments because of the epidemic. This, however, is in proportion with the volunteers that are canceling their service, as well, balancing out the supply and demand.


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