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I have been so busy since my retirement. My second cousin, Elaine Burke, and I went on a week long road trip. We first visited with her daughter Louise Racine and son-in-law, Steve near Peterborough and spent the night.
The next day we drove to Newcastle and visited with Eveline and Donald Mayhew who would be Elaine's first cousins and my third. I had never met them before and they were both so hospitable. We played cards and enjoyed a great visit.
The next day we drove to Hanover where my aunt Francis and uncle Roy Mayhew live. When we arrived, Roy was sitting in his little electric car on the front lawn in the heat, all by himself. He looked like a giant lawn ornament. We told him that we thought Fran had put him out there, hoping that someone would take him. He just laughed and said he loved sitting in the sun.


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