War games at Davidson Mill


Canadian Forces members took part in training exercises at the Davidson Mill in Mansfield et Pontefract from June 1 to June 6. Canadian Forces brass were extremely thankful to the municipality and residents for their co-operation.

Chris Lowrey
Residents of Mansfield et Pontefract can be excused if they were alarmed by the sight of a military presence in their neck of the woods.
Canadian Forces members from CFB Petawawa were in the municipality over the last few days performing military exercises.
The exercises took place from June 1 to 6. The troops were involved in both Air Force and platoon-level training.
The exercises were a part of the group’s special operations and tactical aviation course. Since they were already performing the Air Force training, it made sense to do the platoon-level training at the same time.
The Air Force preparations employed the use of Griffon helicopters.
Around two-dozen troops took part in special warfare training, which focuses on small groups performing specialized exercises.


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