When to stop helping

Say what — stop helping?! Isn’t it true that we help our kids a lot, with practically everything? Now I don’t mean helping them by cooking supper (because lets face it we’re not getting rid of that chore for a while) but more like helping them clean up their toys, make their bed/clean their room, do the laundry, put away clothes, set the table, get dressed/choose clothing or do their hair.
When was the last time your eight-year-old emptied the garbage bins in the house? I think we need to be told we’re allowed to have them help out around the house. It’s good for them to not have everything handed to them.
Parenting in our generation has changed in quite a lot of ways. We’ve become parents that hover and are extremely protective of our little ones. We worry we may be asking too much of them. We want to protect them from hurting themselves, making mistakes, being too tired, choosing the wrong friends, falling in the mud and climbing too high. We want to be perfect.


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