Winter fun

by Shelley Heaphy

This is always one of my favourite articles to write. I absolutely love the time we get to spend outside together in the winter. The cold that comes before Christmas always has a feel of excitement and the snow just adds to the ambiance of the holidays. However, the minute those Christmas decorations get put away, many of us start to wish for spring. Here are some ways to embrace the cold and snow with our little ones.
The key to enjoying the snow and winter weather is dressing warm. For little ones that means warm mitts (that don’t fall off or get wet when touching snow). My favourite mitts have always been the ones that come up over top of their coat sleeves, hats that clutch at the bottom or tie, neck warmers, warm boots, warm coats and snowpants. On windy days add a scarf that goes up higher to prevent wind burn.


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