Youthful ambition at Eli-Da Jerseys by Caleb Nickerson


Dave Ingalls and Eline Van der Veen own and operate Eli-Da Jerseys in Clarendon. From left: Jersey cow Halle, Kaleb, Ingalls, Elly, Van der Veen and Keagan.

The agriculture industry has gone through a host of
changes in recent decades.

According to StatsCan's most recent figures, the overall number of farmers in Canada decreased by nearly 25 per cent between 1991 and 2011, while their typical acreage increased steadily. Farms are becoming bigger and more industrialized than the small, mom and pop operations of the past, while ownership is gradually becoming more concentrated among an older cohort.
None of this is surprising, since advanced technology and automation have brought about rapid changes in plenty of other sectors. In the Pontiac and many other rural communities like it, this has led to young people and families fleeing to urban centres en masse, in search of employment.


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