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The Way We Were

The Way We Were

Dec. 10,1997 25 Years Ago
Santa visits Campbell’s Bay: Santa Claus came to Campbell’s Bay town Saturday. The weather was perfect for Santa’s visit and a large crowd lined the streets as the various floats and marchers paraded through the streets to the RA Centre.
About 250 adults and children crowded the RA Centre to greet jolly old Nick as he sat on stage, surrounded by his elves. Several clowns roamed the floor, entertaining the children while they waited eagerly for the chance to sit on Santa’s knee.
The Litchfield float took top honours, winning a trophy and $75. The Campbell’s Bay Legion took the second place trophy along with $50. The third place trophy and $25 went to Picabou Day Care.
Mark and Terry Racine won a Sony Walkman donated by Vassiloff Electric for best decorated truck.
Concert raises $600 for Snowsuit Fund: About 120 people attended last Thursday’s concert at Pontiac Protestant High School which was organized by the student government and staff member Shannon Hendrycks. While the crowd was treated to some holiday entertainment, more than $600 was raised for the Pontiac Snowsuit Fund.
In the past, the school had organized a penny drive every year for the fund which usually raised about $300. This year, Hendrycks wanted to see the students more active in raising the money.
Snowsuit Fund treasurer Valerie Mulligan was amazed at the generosity of the people.
As the night provided much-needed funds for the charity, it also showcased some local talent.
Among a variety of this talent, the singing of Topp Tolson, Donna Ager and Cheryl Campbell was a real treat during Thursday’s concert.

Dec. 20, 1972 50 Years Ago
Snowmobile clubs united to improve trails through Pontiac: Mayor Bill Burke of Quyon, who was charged by the Pontiac County council with the project of improvement of snowmobile trails in the county held a special meeting in Shawville last week at which Tom Lefebvre, MP was present.
It was decided that a local initiatives project would be integrated and a federal government grant applied for.
The project is intended to improve and maintain the snowmobile trails throughout the county of Pontiac both for the use of members of the many local clubs and also for the use of the hundreds of tourists and winter visitors to this county.
Quyon Christmas party for children: Even though inclement weather stopped many children from getting out to the party, nevertheless it was a great success.
The Quyon Christmas party was held in the Quyon Community building on Saturday. Three hundred and sixty-five bags of candy and drinks were given to the children, one to each at the party. Movies were shown for almost one hour and then with the arrival of Santa Claus, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, the children were given their treats.
Mr. Fred Desabrais, Chairman of the Christmas Party, distributed the remaining 176 bags of candy to the underprivileged families in Quyon and the surrounding district.
A great deal of credit for the success of the party goes to Mr. Desabrais and his committee of workers: Fred and Marilyn Desabrais, Chris McColgan, Karen and Steve McCann, Mr. and Mrs. James Stewart, Pam Komm, Earl and Velma Cooney, Basil Murphy, Tom Faulkner, Earl Dolan, Patty Davis, Wesley Chevier, Tom Labelle, and Terrence Mulligan.

Dec. 24, 1947 75 Years Ago
Local news: The local snowplowing committee have requested THE EQUITY to advise all those who have used evergreen trees for Christmas decorations, not to throw them away or destroy them after the festive season. It seems that the committee are in need of additional snow fences and they intend using Christmas trees to form a hedge along certain roads which they have been unable to get regular snow fences for.
Shawville skating arena opened for the season on Saturday night with a fairly large crowd of skaters.
The Curling Club have recently purchased outright the property on which the rink is situated with some additional land from Mr. Lloyd Dagg with the intention of erecting a larger club room.
Canadian bacon is highly regarded by the people of the United Kingdom, says R.L. Layton, United Kingdom representative of the Canadian Meat Board, who has returned to Canada for two months on official business after a two-year tour of duty overseas.
The Christmas turkey draw, sponsored by Shawville Rotary Club for hospital benefit concluded with a dance at Pirie’s up-town hall on Monday night with a large attendance. Rotarian George Eades was master of ceremonies.
Andrew Daley and his 16-year-old son, Joseph of Onslow Corners, were operating a chain saw on the farm of Mrs. Sam McGoff where they were cutting pulp when in some unexplainable manner, the saw slipped, gashing the boy’s throat. He was rushed to Dr. R.M. Hudson at Quyon and 10 stitches were required to close the wound. Except for being a little shaky from loss of blood, the boy is doing nicely and considers himself very fortunate.

Dec. 14,1922 100 Years Ago
Local news: Our local merchants and tradespeople have things pretty well in hand to cater to the customary holiday trade.
The annual banquet of the Bristol Young Men’s Bible Class which was held in the Sunday School hall Wednesday evening last was a huge success. Despite the inclemency of the weather, the attendance was a record one, seventy some.
Owing to serious illness in the family, Dr. Schachter, dentist, was unable to fill his appointment here last week but will be at the Pontiac House on Thursday.
The Canadian Battlefields Commission has been advised that the French government has given to Canada 250 acres of the famous Vimy Ridge for a park. The mammoth memorial to the Canadian soldiers who fell in capturing the ridge, will be located in this park.
A chicken supper and sale of fancy goods held at Portage du Fort on the 5th instant in aid of the R.C. Church, realized the handsome sum of $350.
Ad: Murray Bros’ Christmas gifts: Why forget the men? We have what they fancy in silk and wool scarves, ties, braces and arm-bands in fancy gift boxes. Handkerchiefs, gloves, sweaters. Murray Bros., the Tailors. Next to the Bank of Nova Scotia.

Dec. 23,1897 125 Years Ago
Local news: The citizens of Campbell’s Bay evidently intend to pass the long winter months pleasantly and profitably. We understand they have organized a debating club and are to have a skating rink.
The academy closed on Tuesday for the Christmas holidays. The teachers desire the attendance of all the pupils when school re-opens on Jan. 5.
At least two ice boats will skim over the surface of Chats Lake if the elements allow it this season. Mr. Fred McLachlin has a handsome and well constructed boat which he is but waiting a favourable opportunity to test.
Thieves are again operating in Arnprior. On Tuesday night of last week, they entered the jewelery store of Mr. Alex Henderson and secured several watches and some minor articles and going through bedrooms of the Campbell House and its Elgin street annex, got a purse in the room of Prof. Villeneuve containing a dollar.
On Christmas day the Shawville skating rink will be open afternoon and evening. The band will be in attendance in the afternoon and a silver collection will be taken at the door. Usual rate, 5 cents in the evening.
The Renfrew Mercury says that on Friday of last week, Messrs. Robert and George Baker, working on the hose tower at the fire hall had a narrow escape from serious injury. They were sitting side by side on one of the two planks which formed the highest scaffold on the tower, fifty feet or more from the ground. Suddenly, without warning, the plank broke in two and the men were precipitated. One was thrown through the open window frame and managed to grasp a bar which was nailed across it. The other was thrown sideways, and he managed to grasp the angle hoard of one of the scaffolds. Both quickly succeeded in reaching a safe spot, little the worse for wear.

The broken plank went to the ground, one of the pieces snapping the telephone wire as it fell. A cross grain in the plank caused the disaster.
The residence and hall on Main ST., Bryson, lately occupied by Mr. W.H. Walsh and which recently passed into the possession of Mr. J.W. Bryson, has been purchased from he latter by the trustees of the (R.C.) school. The lower part of the hall will be used as a school room and the other as a public hall. The upper part will be used, as heretofore, for the purpose of a chapel.
On Saturday morning, Paul Desjardins of Desjardinville and Matt Keon, the mail carrier to Chapeau, had a very narrow escape from meeting a watery grave. They started to make the trip to the Island, having with them an extemporized sleigh, consisting of two 16 feet boards strapped together. They proceeded on their journey in safety till a little more than half-way across, when the ice broke under them and they found themselves in the water. They managed to keep themselves afloat by hanging on to their boards. Their terrible predicament was fortunately perceived by some parties on this side and Mr. Alex Soucie broke into a boat house near the wharf, took out a boat and accompanied by P. Gauthier, J. Keon (brother of one of the men in the water) and young Deroches, started out to rescue the men. This they were successful in doing and the unfortunate men were found to be suffering from their long immersion in the water, having been in over half an hour. However, they were soon taken to Desjardins Hotel where they were carefully attended to and are now none the worse for their icy cold bath.


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