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The Way We Were

The Way We Were

25 Years Ago - June 24, 1998

Very hot open house: The stifling heat Sunday didn’t stop more than 300 visitors from attending the annual open house at Camp des Voyageurs Tim Horton in Quyon.
While the numbers were down from the 500-some visitors last year, camp director Sue Senecal says the attendance was good considering the sweltering heat and the fact it was Father’s Day.
The camp holds two open houses per year, one in January (cancelled because of the ice storm) and one in June as gestures of appreciation for all who supported the children’s camp, whether by purchasing coffee at Tim Horton’s, donating money, or through patronage.
The May 27 Camp Day fundraiser brought in $2.1 million from sales at the 1,600 Tim Horton’s stores. That money is used by the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation to send under-privileged children to one of the four summer camps in Canada: Tatamagouche, N.S.; Kananaskis County, Alta.; Parry Sound, Ont.; and Quyon.
Gervais wins boat: A member who has been a dedicated supporter of the Pontiac Fish and Game Protective Association was the club’s big winner during the fishing derby .
Jacques Gervais, who has been selling tickets for the club for years, won the main draw, a 14-foot Prince-craft fisherman boat.
Gervais, who works at the gate of ZEC St. Patrick, didn’t officially hear of the news until he came out of the bush a few days later. He had heard rumours about his win, but Gervais didn’t believe it until he actually saw John Maheral deliver the boat.
“I’m just like St. Thomas,” says Gervais. “I’ve got to see to believe.”

50 Years Ago - June 27, 1973

The public image of Shawville 1973: The tribute to Shawville municipality in this issue is to try and include a general picture of Shawville in 1973, including the photo of the town. Our next issue will be about the people of Clarendon, north, south east and west of Shawville. Clarendon’s centennial came and went unheralded but THE EQUITY intends to “put them in the picture”.
Majority chooses Campbell’s Bay area for school: On June 21, a large meeting of parents and people concerned with the education of English Catholics in Pontiac was held in the parish hall in Vinton. Representatives from every community concerned were there.
Richard Bowie chaired the meeting and declared that the purpose of the meeting was to attempt to agree on one location for the proposed high school.
A committee was formed of Father May, Mrs. Dowe of Quyon, Lois Kinsley of Campbell’s Bay, Rodney Vadneau of Otter Lake, Mrs. Plaskett of Fort Coulonge, Mr. Godmere of Calumet Island, John Cahill of Bryson, Mrs. Finlan of Bristol with authority to prepare a brief recommending that the new English Catholic school be built in the Campbell’s Bay area.

75 Years Ago - July 15, 1948

Local News: Fire of an unknown origin completely destroyed the farm dwelling of Mr. and Mrs. Harold McCoy two miles south of Shawville on Wednesday of last week. The fire started in the summer kitchen and advanced so rapidly that by the time help arrived, little could be done except save the contents of the main building.
Special Constable Carl Dale handed out a large number of parking tickets on Saturday night to motorists parking on the south side of Main Street in the business section, from the United church to Victoria Avenue.
Daring thieves broke into the office of Shawville Milling Company last Sunday evening, cut the lock out of a huge safe and escaped with the firm’s Saturday receipts estimated to be in the neighbourhood of $500.

Lloyd Stevens, manager of the mill, discovered the theft when he opened the mill on Monday morning. Investigating provincial police from Hull said the safe-cracking was the work of experts. They were seeking to link the occurrence with a break-in at Quyon last Friday night.
There was no celebration of the “Glorious Twelfth” in Pontiac on Monday, most all of the county Orange Lodges joining in the huge celebration marking the 100th anniversary of Carleton County at Lansdowne Park, Ottawa. Pontiac members with the flags and banners of the various lodges, went to the city by special train while a number went by bus and in cars.
The July meeting of the Starks Corners Women’s Institute was held at the home of Mrs. M. McGuire on Wednesday evening and took the form of a grandmothers’ party. A song by the grandmothers, accompanied by piano by a grandmother was enjoyed by all. A very interesting paper was given by Mrs. McGuire. “Fifty years ago” she said, “telephones, cars, airplanes, radios, electricity were unheard of and even without the aid of lipstick and all other modern cosmetics, there were many pretty girls”. Prizes were given to the oldest and youngest grandmother. Dainty refreshments were served.

100 Years Ago - June 28, 1923

Local News: Shawville team won their third match of the league series here on Friday evening when they snatched victory out of the hands of the Campbell’s Bay lads by the close score of 14-13.
The Sunday Schools of the village will celebrate Dominion Day by holding their annual picnic at Green Lake on Monday.
Weather conditions Friday evening were not conducive to a really pleasant time at the garden social at S.E. Hodgins’ held under the auspices of the Presbyterian Ladies Aid. Yet, there was a fairly good attendance. Fortunately, the rain, which began early in the evening, ceased for an hour or two, thus enabling the program to be carried out. The entertainment was provided chiefly by local talent, Miss Reid, a violinist of Arnprior, having at the last minute sustained an accident which prevented her from fulfilling her engagement.
The garden social at the Rectory grounds on Monday evening came off very successfully, quite a large number being in attendance, despite the prospect of a rain storm. An abundant supper was served to all who sat down and the residue of good things was auctioned off.

125 Years Ago - June 30, 1898

Local News: A number of Shawville young people went up to the Calumet slides on Friday last. They report having spent an enjoyable time amid the rugged environments of that favourite picnic ground.
P.P.J. Railway has issued a circular to station agents instructing them to issue tickets on June 30 and July 1 to any point on the railways at “one single first class fare,” good to return on until July 2.
Mr. S.M. Logan of Thorne Centre is entitled to the medal for growing mammoth strawberries. The other day Mr. J.H. Shaw of this town received a basket from him, out of which five were picked which weighed 3 1/2 ounces.
There was a very large attendance at the annual Sunday School picnic held at Green Lake on Thursday last, North Clarendon, Yarm and both Shawville schools were represented. The youngsters enjoyed the day immensely and especially the good things which thoughtful mothers and sisters had provided in the way of refreshments. Delightful weather prevailed.
Messrs. Ben Lester and David Brownlee of Renfrew were here on Monday on behalf of the council of that town armed with a proposition to sell to this corporation, a hand fire-engine which the town of Renfrew has no further use for now that the water works are in operation. These gentlemen were met by the mayor and several members of the council and discussed the matter at considerable length.
A panther is said to have made its appearance a short time ago in the rear of Bristol, a couple of miles from Bristol Station. The animal is described as pretty thick-set with erect ears and a reddish coat and head not unlike a bull-dog. The animal was heard to utter several blood curdling cries, which speedily dispelled the opinion first formed by those who saw it that it was a dog.


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