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Campbell’s Bay - Litchfield Fire Dept. fundraising for new equipment

Connor Lalande
Campbell's Bay Oct. 2, 2023
The Campbell’s Bay - Litchfield Fire Department (CBLFD) has organized an online auction to fundraise for a new piece of rescue equipment.
The department is one of only three in the Pontiac that maintains its own Jaws of Life rescue system - equipment used by emergency personnel to extract victims involved in vehicular accidents.
The money raised will be used to purchase a ram to supplement the existing equipment – a tool that would help the department dislodge heavy pieces of vehicle wreckage that might be preventing proper rescue of accident victims.
“This tool is used to raise the dash of a vehicle that has been in a collision,” explained firefighter Lincoln Smith, who is leading the fundraiser.
“It is also used to help stabilize a vehicle that is in a precarious position. This battery-operated tool can be used by one fire fighter and is easy to set up, allowing other firefighters to do other essential work when time is of the essence,” Smith said, adding that the CBLFD responds to car accidents in other municipalities as well as its own.
“Having additional tools for our Jaws of Life rescue system is a win-win for everyone who travels the road in and around the municipalities of Campbell’s Bay and Litchfield,” he said.
The new equipment costs approximately $14,000.
Items being auctioned vary from air fryers and homemade baking to fire extinguishers and waterproof speakers.
Auctioned items have been donated from residents and businesses.
“We are fortunate to live in a very supportive community,” Smith said. “As a result, many local individuals as well as many amazing people from all over the Pontiac or with Pontiac roots have contributed items for our online auction. We thank them all for helping us with this fundraiser. “Those interested in participating are asked to place bids in the comment section of posted items on the “CBLFD Online Auction” Facebook page.
Participants have until Oct. 27 to place bids. The highest bid will be awarded the auctioned item and can pick up their winnings at the CBLFD fire hall on Oct. 29 between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.


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