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Sand Bay experiences rash of theft, vandalism

Connor Lalande
Sand bay Oct. 5, 2023
A recent string of vandalism incidents in the Sand Bay area culminated on the weekend of September 30 in a binge of destruction.
According to Clarendon Mayor Edward Walsh, numerous residents reported the civic address numbers on their homes and mailboxes missing, tables and benches in the municipal park damaged and a number of civic signs stolen.
“We’ve got special signs in that area, ‘children playing’ and things like that and we had those installed only just earlier this summer. They just tore those right out of the ground,” Walsh said. “And we had them down two or three feet in the ground with steel posts.”
“They think it’s funny but it’s costing people a lot of money. The price of signs these days is just crazy and if they actually steal it, it costs the municipality a few hundred dollars to replace.”
The vandalism was reported to have occurred after a neighbourhood party, with the majority of it having centered around Sand Bay’s ballpark.
The cluster of incidents follows a string of mailbox vandalism incidents in the municipality.
Walsh says that aside from the cost associated with theft and vandalism, many residents are concerned that such behavior has other potential, more serious consequences.
“In terms of the civic numbers, people get worried that if you ever happen to have an emergency, responders won’t be able to find your house because the number is missing,” he said.
Walsh encourages residents to report incidents of vandalism and theft to both the municipality and police.
“The costs will go back to the taxpayers,” Walsh said. “It’s their money that’s paying to replace all the things damaged or lost. So, I mean, people need to sit down with their kids and tell them ‘It’s coming out of their pocket or their allowance.’”


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