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Speeding incidents keep police busy in Luskville area

Connor Lalande
Luskville Oct. 8, 2023
Police are attributing a rash of speeding related incidents in the Luskville area to the unseasonably warm, sunny weather gracing the region over the past number of weeks.
On September 30, just after 11 a.m., a 32-year-old-driver from the Municipality of Pontiac was caught driving 101 kilometres an hour in a zone with a maximum speed of 50 on chemin de la Montagne. The driver was given an $822 ticket, lost 10 demerit points and had their license suspended for 7 days.
Later, between 5:40 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., several Ontario residents on their way to the Luskville Dragway were caught driving at 106, 115 and 123 kilometres an hour in a zone with a maximum speed of 70.
“During the same period, a citizen contacted the police service to mention that a few minutes earlier, he had observed three vehicles that appeared to be racing on boulevard des Allumètières in the Aylmer sector and then on Highway 148,” read a statement released by police.
“Having a good description of the vehicles, and assuming that they might be on their way to Luskville, the police officer who was already in the area only had to wait a few minutes before seeing the three vehicles arrive. They were pulled over and identified for investigation,” the release continued.
Identified as Ottawa residents between 19 and 52, police say fines are pending.
“It’s worth noting that the vast majority of enthusiasts who visit the racetrack are respectful of speed limits,” read a statement released by the police.
While police acknowledge the ideality of the driving weather, they say it is no excuse for recklessness.
“Yes, the weather was warm and sunny, but that’s no reason to drive recklessly,” read a police statement on the cluster of incidents.


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