Monday, July 22, 2024
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Adieu, Pontiac

Well Pontiac, the time has come for me to move on from my full-time reporter position at THE EQUITY
What can I say about this wonderful region that you yourselves do not already know?
In terms of natural beauty, it is second to none. From the jaggedly imposing rocks of the Eardly escarpment to the intrepid blue waters of the Ottawa River, as I travelled throughout its breadth, its sheer aesthetic loveliness never ceased to amaze me. Whether autumn, winter, spring or summer, the sights and sounds of the rolling farmers fields and vivid green forests filled me with joy.
As for you, the people, one could not ask for a kinder, more welcoming population to report for. I arrived a wide-eyed reporter who didn’t know the difference between MRC Pontiac and the Municipality of Pontiac and was welcomed by all with a friendly smile and a kind word.
To my enduring respect and occasional hindrance, humility defines your nature - a fact made clear whenever the time came for imparting credit for a successful community event and everyone would refuse recognition, instead pointing out another for praise. Your generosity seems to know no bounds.
I will miss the energetic community events, the delicious roadside poutine, the great panoramic views and your smiling faces (sappy, I know).
But fret not Pontiac. This mostly literate reporter will be lingering around THE EQUITY as an occasional freelancer, so you need not worry about being deprived from my presence entirely.
You can’t get rid of me that easily.
To all of you, the dedicated and irreplaceable readers of THE EQUITY, I thank you sincerely for your continued engagement with, and support of, community news within the region. It has been a privilege to collaborate with the community in service of telling the story of this unique, gracious and intriguing region.
It is an experience that I will always hold dear.
In the immortal - albeit slightly altered - words of fictional newsman Ron Burgundy, played by Will Farrell in the 2004 comedy Anchorman, “Stay classy, Pontiac.”

Connor Lalande


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