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Clarendon revokes previous support for incinerator

by Charles Dickson
Mar. 26, 2024
In a unanimous vote last Tuesday evening, the council of the Municipality of Clarendon passed a resolution revoking its support for the proposed incinerator project for the Pontiac.
Last spring, the same council passed a resolution supporting the project.
“We revoked the previous one because, when the warden came and did her presentation last May, it was more for a solution to waste, and now it’s like the incinerator or bust, right?” Clarendon mayor Ed Walsh told THE EQUITY last Thursday.
“We weren’t comfortable with that, so in the fall we voted against the $120,000,” he said, referring to the resolution brought forward at last October’s meeting of the MRC Pontiac Council of Mayors to establish a single-source contract with consulting firm Deloitte to produce a business plan. In that vote, Clarendon was joined by Bristol, Chichester, Litchfield, Otter Lake and Waltham in opposition to the resolution.
“We’re definitely in support of the recycling and finding a solution for the 5,000 tons that we have,” said the mayor, referring to the 5,000 tons produced annually by the 18 municipalities in MRC Pontiac.
“But to bring in another 395,000 from somewhere else, I don’t think it’s an ideal project,” Walsh said.
“We discussed it, and in the resolution we stated that we were revoking our previous support, and it was unanimous for the whole council that we no longer support the incinerator proposal,” he said.
The Clarendon decision follows similar votes held recently by the municipalities of Waltham, Thorne and Otter Lake.


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