Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Some beef and sheep products from Shawville abattoir unsafe to eat

by Guillaume Laflamme
Apr. 25, 2024
A warning was issued last week by the province’s ministry of agriculture advising the public not to consume certain beef and sheep products packaged and sold at the Abattoir les Viandes du Pontiac between Mar. 7 and Mar. 11.
The notice from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ) said all cattle offal products, beef products with traceability numbers 5827, 5828 and 5829, as well as sheep carcasses with number 504765086 packaged during the above period were slaughtered without adherence to proper inspection processes, and may be unsafe to eat.
The ministry said all such products should be disposed of, even if they don’t smell bad.
MAPAQ has issued the warning as a precautionary measure and reports that there have been no cases of illness associated with the recall.
This is the second such notice from MAPAQ regarding the Shawville abattoir in just over a month.
At the end of March, the ministry warned the public not to consume ruminant stomachs purchased at the abattoir prior to and on Mar. 15.