Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Pontiac imaging techs not likely to leave this summer, CISSSO says

The five medical imaging technicians who applied to positions in Gatineau and Ontario last month are unlikely to leave their jobs in the Pontiac until at least this fall, if they are successful in their applications.
‘We don’t know when any of this would be actually concretely happening,” said Nicole Boucher-Larivière, the Pontiac director for CISSSO last month. “It will probably be more like the fall, because we don’t usually do any movements during the summer. So it gives us time to try and see what’s going to happen.”
The news of their decisions to apply for higher paying work in other hospitals came after the province excluded technicians in Pontiac and Wakefield hospitals from salary bonuses it is now offering to those in Gatineau, Hull, Papineau and Maniwaki hospitals.
Pontiac MNA André Fortin, also health critic for the official opposition, said he’s spoken with Treasury Board president Sonia LeBel since technicians at the Pontiac Hospital were excluded from these bonuses
“I’m hopeful she understands the reality, I’m hopeful she will find a way to resolve the issue, but I certainly do not have confirmation of that as of yet,” Fortin told THE EQUITY last week.
“If Quebec only looks at the internal threats coming from the Hull and Gatineau hospitals, they may think they have a bit of time,” Fortin said.
“But that only applies to CISSSO. We have a technician in the Pontiac who’s applied to Ontario, and Ontario doesn’t wait for anybody.”


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