Sunday, December 10, 2023

4-H holds end of year banquet

Brett Thoms
Ladysmith October 25, 2022

The Shawville 4-H club held its end of year banquet last Saturday night at the Jack Graham Community Centre in Bristol.
During the celebration, 4-H members gathered to receive rewards and recognition for the various projects they undertook over the year.
The 4-H members and their families enjoyed a catered meal, which was followed by a guest speaker and then a speech from the Shawville 4-H’s current president Reese Rusenstrom.
Rusenstrom outlined all the activities that the club did over the last year, including their provincial rally, their achievement day, their various camps, meetings, bus tours and all the various community events they participated in.
Rusenstrom announced the club has 19 new members, reaching 57 in total, which was a high for the club.
She also went on to thank all the community members that support the 4-H club.
“Leaders, I don’t know what we’d do without you always helping out, whether it’s putting you on the spot in the middle of a meeting or sending you a message and getting a quick reply. Thank you isn’t enough for all the hard work you put into this 4-H club. You guys are the middle that holds it all together,” said Rusenstrom.
She also made a point to thank all the family members and friends who support 4-H members by driving them to events and getting up earlier to support them.
Followed by Rusenstrom’s speech, the awards, trophies, ribbons and other recognitions were given to the various age brackets of the 4-H club.
Each member received awards and posed in a picture area for the family. The rewards came from the 4-H provincial rally, the Shawville Fair, judging competitions and more.
After all the awards were given out the group cleared the tables from the middle of the community centre and held a dance.
This was the last 4-H meeting for 2022.

4-H member Rebecca Nugent, pictured with Michael St. Pierre, stands with the various trophies she took home from all the 4-H events she participated in.


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