Sunday, December 10, 2023
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41st Terry Fox Run in Shawville

Brett Thoms
Shawville September 18, 2022
Despite rain and the threat of bears, the 41st consecutive Pontiac Terry Fox Run was held last Sunday. Sunday also marked the 42nd national Terry Fox run commemorations, in honour of the activist’s Marathon of Hope that ended outside of Thunder Bay, Ontario in 1980.
Organized by John Petty, Rick Valin and others, people came to Pontiac High School gym to pledge a donation and participate in the course that went down from Maple Street from the high school, then down Centre St. onto Lang St., then onto Main, John Dale and Calumet, then up Moffat and back towards PHS via the PPJ.
The rain caused the turnout to suffer a little, according to Petty. The organizers also announced that the PPJ was being patrolled by a volunteer on a bike to ensure there were no bears, as there were recent reports of their presence in the area.
But despite the challenges, the run went ahead anyway, with dozens of people showing up to participate.
“Terry Fox was always my hero,” said Petty. “As a teacher here, I just marveled at what he was trying to do. And with some sickness on my wife’s side of the family, we decided to start the Terry Fox Run in 1981.”
Beyond symbolizing the fight against cancer, Petty says Terry Fox also represents:
“Courage, hope, determination, that you can do what you make up your mind to do and never be counted out. Just get back up. Keep going. And we all have our ups and downs in life, and we’re hoping his inspiration will continue to motivate others to achieve their dreams.”
Petty hopes that his efforts will continue the legacy of Terry Fox runs in Shawville into the future.
The Terry Fox Student Run at PHS is scheduled for September 23.


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