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5 days of Shawville Fair

You’ve done it again, Shawville Fair

Glen Hartle
Shawville Sept. 6, 2023
There was evidence in every square metre of the Shawville Fairgrounds, and in every minute of the long weekend just passed, that the Pontiac Agricultural Society (PAS) has yet again put on an amazing event that brought community together in masses from start to finish.
As fair goer and longtime Shawville resident Mary McDowell Woods put it, “It seems that technology wants to tear us apart, and I’m so glad that this fair brings us together.”
The midway brought the excitement. The concessions brought the nourishing delights and joyful memorabilia. The exhibition halls brought a reason for community to step out and in. The booths brought businesses and opportunity. The arena, barns and animals brought rural and fanned the flame of “doing it country”. The track brought adrenaline. The main stage brought the entertainment. Mother nature brought the weather and the beer tent brought the cheer.
The rest? You. You brought the rest.
Collectively, this amounted to a full-on display of doing it together in order to celebrate that we are community. Look around this edition of THE EQUITY and you will see ample evidence of the sheer diversity of activities, people and things of which we can all say we are a part.
Enjoy the afterglow, and see you next year.


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