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A message from Pontiac Warden Jane Toller

PONTIAC March 18, 2020
MRC Pontiac Warden Jane Toller put out the following message on Friday afternoon in response to concerns about coronavirus:
“Dear residents of the Pontiac, as Warden I feel it is very important to communicate with all residents of the Pontiac and to assure them that the MRC has a plan for COVID-19. We’re working closely with the CISSSO and have regular conference calls with them. The next two weeks are very important, we need to be alert and vigilant because it’s all about prevention. In some ways we are very fortunate to live in an isolated place with a smaller population, but we cannot take that for granted. It comes down to each and every person to do their best.
If you are experiencing a fever or dry cough please call 1 877 644 4545 rather than going to the hospital and/or CLSCs, unless completely necessary. The very first thing you should do is self-quarantine and stay home.
This is not a time to panic, it is a time to have the correct information so we can control this through prevention by following a protocol. If and when the Pontiac is affected, even stronger measures will be put in place to the population. This will also become a time where neighbour can help neighbour. If you have a neighbour who lives alone and may be in need of supplies or assistance try to help them if you can and if you are unable then you can call my cell phone number 819-647-8198.”
She followed up on Monday with a message about steps that the MRC was taking on several important issues. The first was a conference call with the representatives of the health authority CISSSO, to get an update on the situation with the Pontiac Community Hospital’s obstetrics unit. The second call she participated in was with the leadership of other regions in the Outaouais regarding their “readiness for the potential flooding this spring”.
The third conference call she made was again with the CISSSO, regarding coronavirus and steps that the MRC can take to reduce the spread.
She concluded by warning citizens about email scams regarding the virus and encouraged the region to pull together in these extraordinary circumstances.
“This two week period is vital and can make all of the difference,” she wrote. “Please stay in the Pontiac as much as you can. Practise frequent hand washing and do not touch your eyes or face. We are all in this together… it is not a time to be afraid but instead to be wise.”


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