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Advent Calendar

We are getting very close to the most exciting time of the year. Kids are so excited, and asking daily “how much longer until Santa comes?” This article is going to highlight some great ideas on how to count down until the big day. Growing up we always had the chocolate advent calendars, which I still love and share with my kids. People have been very creative in coming up with many other advent ideas. Here are a few cool ones I found and am excited to share.
A book a day: Wrap up 24 Christmas books (you already have) and leave them under the tree. I’ve seen it where the books are numbered and so each day you pick up the next book and the kids unwrap it. Together you can sit to read the story in front of the tree. This does not have to be new books, it can be books you own or books you find at church or yard sales. The exciting part is getting to unwrap something each day and then sitting together to read it as a family. It’s certain that each year a new favorite book will be found. My little ones are getting quite big, and our favourite Christmas books still come out each year but we spend less time reading story books together – this might just be what we do this year.
Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar: This is super cool and can be tailored to the age of your child, and it can be completely free. The way this works is that you print off (or write out) some kind gestures that you can do with your child. Then each morning, they choose a new act of kindness to do. Some simple examples include: clean up someone else’s mess, set the table, bring cookies to a neighbour or friend, shovel a neighbour’s yard, donate clothes to the local church or school. These ideas can be stored in a little container or put into the pockets of an advent calendar you already have. You can also set out the new act of kindness with the supplies you’ll need that day. However you decide to do this, one thing’s for sure you and your family are sure to spread joy this Christmas season. I love how this idea focuses on doing things for others, the true meaning of Christmas.
Elf on the Shelf: You can also incorporate the acts of kindness with the Elf on the Shelf by having the elf dictate the kindness you should do that day. Your Elf can be quite silly getting into loads of mischief, this is another great way to countdown the days until Christmas. This idea is more popular these last few years. We have a lot of fun with this one.
Homemade Advent Calendars
Paper chain Advent Calendar: As a kid I always made the good ol’ fashion red and green advent calendar using strips of paper. You tie them into each other to make a chain and pull one for each day. My kids still love making this one.
Punchboard Advent Calendar: These are super simple to make. Get a big poster board with 25 colourful circles (or stars, or trees, or stockings) with a number on it. Each day they get to punch through a number. They can use a hole punch or possibly their hand.
Santa’s beard Advent Calendar: There are super cute Santa printouts online you can print out (or draw one) and each day you get to add a cotton ball to his beard until you reach 25, a full beard.
However your family and you decide to countdown to Christmas I’m sure it’ll be loads of fun. Don’t try to skip a day because they will most definitely remember and remind you.


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