Saturday, July 13, 2024

All Hands on Deck Food Drive at Giant Tiger

Madelaine Methot
Shawville August 17th, 2023
The Giant Tiger store in Shawville hosted the All Hands on Deck Food Drive on Thursday, put on each year by MyFM 96.1 Renfrew Radio, this year in support of Bouffe Pontiac.
This is the second year the event has run in the Pontiac. Donations were collected at Giant Tiger Shawville and Depanneur Thompson in Portage-du-Fort, all going directly to Bouffe Pontiac.
Organizer Aline Stukart said last year’s event was such a huge success, they were excited to see what they could achieve this year. The goal was to fill a truck loaned by event sponsors Bristol Auto Performance and the MyFM cruiser with donations, said Stukart.
Stukart and the team from Bouffe Pontiac were set up outside Giant Tiger from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. Tuesday, playing music and informing people about the Food Drive, handing out lists of items that would be appreciated as donations to shoppers as they entered the store. Bouffe Pontiac also provided a barbecue lunch for patrons as they went by.
By the end of the day Thursday, the food drive had collected $1,300 and twice the amount of donations of food and children’s items compared to last year.