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Animalia opens in Portage-du-fort

Glen Hartle
Portage du fort August 4, 2023
ArtPontiac opened its third and penultimate exhibition of the season on August 3, hosting a launch party the following day.
The general goal of the exhibition, Animalia, is to raise awareness through art of the broad range of threats to wildlife and is the second environmentally-focused group show, following on the heels of last year’s The Call of the Turtle, brought to bear at the hands of the association’s president, Cheryl Beillard.
Boasting art from some 24 artists, the top floor of the Stone School Gallery in Portage-du-fort is now a veritable zoological garden offering representations of the animal kingdom in acrylic & oil paint, stained & mosaic glass, various flavours of printmaking, photography, fibre and mixed media. It’s an astonishing display of method and creativity showcasing talent and passion both.
Well-known species at risk are represented across the various mediums including bees, polar bears and turtles. Some of the other species represented, likely more for their personal appeal to the artist, include foxes, elk, raccoons, bald eagles, deer and moose. All in all, it is a visual feast.
The well-attended opening event channelled the love of animals more than the threat to them, although at least one artist did tread there, as guests mingled with glasses of wine and plates of hors d’oeuvre-style goodies. Many of the artists were on hand and excited to share inspiration for their art on display. Artist Robin Knox, well-represented with more than five works in the exhibition, shared that “we lived in Prince Rupert for a great many years and I loved seeing the bald eagles.” Her large acrylic painting of one such creature, entitled Waiting, entirely showcases her joy and how.
The exhibition runs through to August 27 and the gallery is open Thursday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, visit