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BGCP Brigade hosts annual fishing tournament in Bryson

Quentin Young
Bryson August 26, 2023
There was a hub of excitement and unity as residents from Bryson, Calumet Island, and Portage du Fort came together at the Bryson Docks for the highly anticipated BGCP Brigade Fire Department Fishing Tournament this past Saturday. The event, which unfolded from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Bryson Boat Launch, proved to be more than just a fishing competition—it was a celebration of community, camaraderie and shared values.
Darcy Burnett, the main organizer for the tournament, shared his insights into the day’s proceedings. “We’ve been hosting this event for the community over the years, and this year, our focus was on bringing people together for a day of fun and connection,” Burnett revealed.
Despite a threat of rain, the event launched with a sense of excitement and vigour, drawing both local and visiting participants eager to showcase their angling skills.
“The Pontiac region is a close-knit rural area and fishing is a shared pastime,” Burnett continued. “This tournament allows us to celebrate our common interests and build connections that extend beyond just the day.”
As participants cast their lines into the shimmering waters, the air was charged with excitement and anticipation. The sound of laughter and friendly banter filled the air as families, friends, and newcomers alike revelled in the experience. The serene beauty of the surroundings, combined with the shared passion for fishing, created a palpable sense of togetherness.
BGCP Brigade Chief Shawn Bowie commented as anglers returned to the docks at 4 p.m.: “It’s wonderful for the community to get the kids out and families together and to enjoy some of the best our area has to offer. It’s awesome to get the people participating and getting to interact with them.” “We’re grateful the community has been so supportive and it’s really meaningful that we can find ways to share great days like this,” he continued.
While the Fishing Tournament did involve prizes, Darcy emphasized that this year’s focus was on the joy of participation and community engagement. “We decided not to treat this year’s event as a fundraiser,” Burnett explained. “Instead, 100 per cent of the registration funds were divided among three fish categories: bass, pike, and pickerel. At the end of the day, three cash prizes were awarded to celebrate the participants’ achievements.”
As the clock approached 4 p.m., participants gathered for the final weigh-in. The biggest catches were unveiled and celebrated. “We were surprised at some of the fish, it is my first time in the area and I would like to come back soon,” said Daniel Belanger of Ottawa.
“Awesome to have a day on the water with the guys out with the community” shared Shawville’s JR Dyelle.
As the participants began to depart, Burnett shared his thoughts on the event’s success. “This year’s Fishing Tournament exceeded our expectations,” he said. “Seeing the smiles on people’s faces, witnessing the bonds being formed, and knowing that we’re giving back to our community—those are the reasons we do this.”