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Bird watchers keep eyes peeled for migratory birds

A flock of geese were observed in Quyon on Nov. 4.
The Club of Outaouais Ornithologists held their ‘Adventure in the Midwest’ tour Saturday, starting in Breckenridge and continuing through to Norway Bay. Overlooking the Ottawa River and ferry in Quyon, Daniel Toussaint, left, and Claude Martineau scope out different species across the water.
Claude Martineau searches the treeline for any hidden species, at one of the stops on the way out of Quyon.
Mark Spearin, a guest to the group, looks across the Quyon farm fields at a flock in the distance. He was amazed by the distance one of the telescopes could offer when birdwatching, making it seem as if the viewer were mere metres from the subject.

PONTIAC Nov. 4, 2017
A dedicated group of birdwatchers put their eyes to the skies throughout the Pontiac Saturday morning, searching high and low for species that have travelled south for the season.
Starting out in Breckenridge, members and guests of the Club of Outaouais Ornithologists (COO) toured into Quyon and up to Norway Bay, sighting gulls, jays and the occasional hawk.
Despite a thick frost layered across the grass and vehicles, COO President Monique Boivin assured that this was the best time to see birds that are native to the James Bay area. She said the migratory species seen in the area now, like the White-winged Scoter roaming the Ottawa River that morning, are a real attraction for the group, as they won’t be seen in the summer.
“For birds, there’s something to be seen all year round,” said Claude Martineau, manager of the group’s activity committee.


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