Monday, July 22, 2024

Buttercup is back

J.D. Potié
Do you like mascots? Well you’re in luck.
As the most Family Friendly Fair in the Valley returns for yet another edition this Labour Day weekend, another fun, familiar face will . . .

also be back for an appearance.
According to the Shawville Fair’s Vice President Erin Dittburner, the fair’s beloved mascot, Buttercup, will be back at the fair, ready to roam the grounds, engage with the public and soak in the excitement.
A black and white Holstein cow, Buttercup officially made her Shawville Fair debut around 25 years ago and has been a hit with adults and children alike ever since.
With the farming industry playing such a significant role in Shawville’s history and the culture of its people, bringing Buttercup back to the event was a great way to show off local pride in festive fashion, Dittburner said.
“Because we’re an agricultural fair and agriculture is so deeply rooted in our community it’s kind of an ag-awareness, ag-promotion costume where we get to promote agriculture in a fun way.”
Bringing an element of familiarity to those attending the fair while also providing a great amount of excitement for those who haven’t been there before, Buttercup is the ideal poster child for the event, Dittburner said.
“We thought it was a really good time to bring her back because it’s an older tradition,” she said. “But something that is still modern.”
Throughout the weekend, Buttercup will roam the fairgrounds for around an hour per day, welcoming the public to stop by, take pictures and interacting with her.
“We hope that everybody uses the opportunity to take a picture with her and come over and say hi,” she said.
Families and little ones can keep an eye out for Buttercup’s appearances, as her schedule will be posted on social media via the Shawville Fair’s Facebook and Instagram account, Dittburner said.