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Candidate’s talk language, identity and Quebec’s relationship with Canada

Brett Thoms
Norway Bay July 21, 2022
This week THE EQUITY asked the candidates running to represent the riding of Pontiac in the next National Assembly about their stances on language, identity and federalism, vs. sovereignty, vs. nationalism in Quebec.
Given that each party has a fairly diverse perspective on these matters, every candidate was asked a unique set of questions.

Quebec in Canada

The first question however was posed to all candidates. It asked what defines their party’s general philosophy on Quebec’s relationship with Canada and where Quebec anglophones fit in with that relationship. Also they were asked: What defines a Quebecer’s identity?
Starting with the Quebec Liberal Party (QLP) incumbent MNA André Fortin he said: The Quebec Liberal Party is a federalist party, always has been, always will be. We believe Quebec is an important part of Canada. It’s a distinct and different part of the country in many ways, but it is a province within the Canadian system that we know. Anglophones are an important part of our Quebec history, our Quebec culture and our Quebec identity. They have helped build this province, and they continue to do so. And so we do have a responsibility as a government to anglophones, to English speaking Quebecers to protect their rights to defend their rights and to offer them quality services in this province.”
On who is a Quebecer, Fortin said that: “A Quebecer is anybody who . . .


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