Friday, July 12, 2024

Chapeau market building opens ahead of schedule

The new farmer’s market building in Chapeau is up and running ahead of schedule.
On Saturday morning, the second weekend the building was open, it hosted a collection of six or so vendors selling everything from pies to produce.
The market building, which features in-floor heating, public washrooms and a shaded porch area, came together so soon because the Chapeau Agricultural Society was able to get contractors in faster than expected to finish the remaining work.
The building, which sits next to Chapeau’s Harrington Community Hall, was originally scheduled to open in mid-July, but the society is doing a soft launch until they have their Aug. 1 grand opening.
Until this year, the market was only open Thursdays. Vendors set up at outdoor tables, which made the market vulnerable to unpredictable weather conditions.
The building, which will host vendors three days a week, makes it possible for them to establish a more regular presence in the community.
Society president Gene O’Brien said this opens up all kinds of opportunities for vendors.
“The advantage of being open the extra two days is that Serres Amyotte can really bring a big load of stuff in,” she offered, as an example.
Having a designated indoor space, with in-floor heating, will make it possible for the market to go ahead three days a week, no matter the weather, or the season.
“Being inside we don’t have to worry about if it’s pouring rain,” O’Brien said.
Thursdays are still the designated farmer’s market days, meaning that 75 per cent of vendors must be agricultural.
But being open Friday and Saturday now means the market can host a variety of vendors.
O’Brien’s vision for the Chapeau market is a . . .


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