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Christmas markets pop up around the Pontiac

Brett Thoms
Pontiac November 19, 2022

Christmas markets are popping up all round the Pontiac, giving residents a chance to buy gifts and handmade products from local businesses and artisans.
Last Saturday in western Pontiac there was a Christmas market held in Chapeau at Harrington Hall.
The market was run by the Chapeau Agricultural Society and also received significant sponsorship from the telecommunications company Xplore and the MRC Pontiac which allowed the market to provide food and free hot chocolate to shoppers.
The Chapeau market had about 20 vendors and the proceeds from the vendor tables went to a program called Driving for Success, which helps children in the western Pontiac raise money to pay for the fees required to get a driver’s license.
“It’s just been a really great turnout,” said Natalie Thompson, organizer of the market. “It’s been really nice to see everybody and you know, have good success when you organize something like this. You know, it’s nice to see the community being involved.”
Another market took place at the Pine Lodge in Bristol Saturday as well. The market had several vendors from Shawville to Quyon.
And both of these recent markets are a follow up from the successful Onslow Christmas Craft Show, which was held at the Quyon Community Centre two weeks ago.
All three of these markets were very well attended, with more Pontiac Christmas markets being held in Shawville, Fort-Coulonge, Chapeau, Bristol and more in the coming weeks.

Keisha Godin at her table at the Chapeau Christmas Market. Her
business, Keisha’s Custom Crafts, sells custom made signs, mugs, tumblers shirts, keychain, bags and more.
Lynn Dempsey from Waltham at the Chapeau Christmas Market selling various
woodburned products and other handmade crafts.
Jeanne McTierran of Trifolium stained glass at the Pine Lodge selling her various handmade stained glass creations.
You can visit her website at
Daniel Semples of Semples Honey at the Pine Lodge Christmas Market selling various types of infused honey and
beeswax candles
Rebecca Corrigan with Farm Fresh Creations at the Pine Lodge Christmas Market selling various vinyl crafts, mugs
and other objects.


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