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Comets close out regular season with forfeit win

Feb. 16, 2020
The Pontiac Senior Comets had an unusual finish to their regular season games with a back-and-forth double header against the Maniwaki Forestiers.
On Saturday night, the Pontiac boys headed to the . . .

Centre Gino-Odjick for what turned out to be a thrashing at the hands of the Maniwaki squad. In a game chock full of penalties, the Comets fell to the Forestiers 8-0.
Speaking on Sunday, coach Jean-François Lavergne said that though they had 45 shots on goal, the opposing goalie was sharp and didn’t let anything past him. He added that the team came out ready to redeem themselves in front of a home crowd on Sunday afternoon.
The opening period was relatively even, with two goals for each side. The Maniwaki goalie suffered an injury early on and they were forced to play with their backup nearly from the get-go. Hugo Petit started off the scoring for the Comets with a goal at around the four minute mark. The rivalry between the teams turned physical a few minutes later, when a scuffle between several players from each side broke out in front of the Comets’ net.
The Pontiac squad was dogged with penalties throughout the period, and Maniwaki capitalized with two goals of their own, before Guillaume Grégoire managed to tie it up near the end of the period.
Going into the second, Lavergne said the Comets were determined to maintain their composure.
“Between the second and first, we all discussed in the room, we need to refocus and be disciplined,” he said after the game. “In the first period we got too many penalties.”
“Captain [Darcy] Findlay is really good to get all the guys together and when guys like that talk in the room, the coach just has to follow and keep the same message,” he added.
The middle frame started out well for the Comets, as Findlay notched a goal four minutes in, followed quickly by another from Maxime Belley less than a minute later. Justin Lafleur added his own just before the seven minute mark and Findlay followed up with his second of the game.
Emotions boiled over shortly after the Comets pile of goals, as Petit had a scrap with Maniwaki’s Yann Delarosbil at the Comets’ blue line.
Stéphane Paré added another to the tally for the home team before Findlay secured his hat-trick for the game and closed out the scoring 11 minutes in at 8-2.
In a twist of fate, the backup goal tender for the Forestiers was injured mid-way through the second, forcing the visitors to forfeit the game.
Lavergne said that it wasn’t an ideal way to close out the regular season, but noted that they were in the driver’s seat for the second frame.
“It’s not the way we want to finish a game but at the end of the day I think we put the game out of their hands in the second period, that’s how we wanted to finish,” he said.
He added that his squad played well against their opponent’s rough and tumble style of hockey.
“I think it’s the way Maniwaki tries to play, they try to be more physical in the game. We’re built on speed, we’re not built on physical, but we can match that intensity,” he said. “We showed them, and that’s good for playoffs because in the playoffs we’ll face Mont Laurier, who can play that type of game, Maniwaki who can play that kind of game, even Tremblant are very intense.”
Some of the Comets players stuck around to play some three on three for the crowd which numbered in the hundreds, after the game was called.

Comets’ goaltender Danick Boisvert chats with his teammates as they wait for a decision from the referees following some rough stuff in the second period.
Comets’ defenseman David Foucher handles the puck against the Maniwaki Forestiers on Sunday afternoon.
Stéphane Paré rips a shot from the point past the Forestiers goaltender for his third of the season.