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Dance honours Desabrais

The Pontiac Old Timers held a dance on Saturday night at the Shawville Lions’ Hall, celebrating the lives of teammate Fred Desabrais and Shawville Councillor Peggie Sheppard, who helped them organize various events. The team dedicated one of their sweaters to Freddie, giving it to his family. Back row, from left: Steve Dubeau, Chris Graham, Lee Teperman, Roger Larocque, Carson Ryan, Marc Latreille, Rob Laughren, Dan Desabrais, Dan Soroka and Reg Carkner. Front row: Jerry Dubeau, Maurice “The Rocket” White, Joe Pieschke, Earl Kearns, Marilyn Desabrais, Shane Presley, Dave Desabrais, Joe Bennett and Don Desabrais.
Members of the Desabrais family joined the fun on Saturday night, thanking the team for all that they did in Freddie’s name. Pictured, Marc Latreille shows off the new minor hockey award, the Fred Desabrais ‘Moustache’ Memorial Award.
The evening also paid tribute to Shawville Councillor Peggie Sheppard, who had helped the team organize their Christmas party. From left: Shane Presley provides the rhythm to Reg Carkner’s rendition of “Hallelujah.”
The team honoured the Lions with a sweater of their own. Marc Latreille, left, and Shane Presley, right, gift Ed Walsh, centre, with the jersey.

Donald Teuma-Castelletti
SHAWVILLE April 7, 2018
What started as a night dedicated to an old hockey pal quickly evolved into an evening about the loss of two locals.
Friends and family of Freddie Desabrais came together for the dance at the Shawville Lions’ Hall on Saturday, where his teammates on the Pontiac Old Timers shared some tributes to their pal.
With Reg Carkner leading the band, tributes to Desabrais started just before 10 p.m., with Marc Latreille giving some history on their hockey team and why their passed friend was instrumental to its success.
While anecdotes were shared about the kind of guy Desabrais was – from providing presents for his teammates to his ability to keep his buddies well-oiled – Shane Presley would pepper in a few details every once in a while.


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