Monday, July 22, 2024

Extra long bed now available for patients at Pontiac Hospital

by Camilla Faragalli
Jan. 25, 2024
The Pontiac Hospital is now equipped with a new “long bed” for taller patients, thanks to donations made in memory of local farmer David Rusenstrom.
Rusenstrom, who passed away last January, was a patient of the Pontiac Hospital for an extended period of time. At 6 ft. 4 in., he found the existing hospital beds to be short and uncomfortable.
“I had seen the problems he had had with short beds over the years,” said Rusenstrom’s wife, Joan, explaining that her husband had been hospitalized on several occasions.
Joan explained that the hospital tried as best it could to accommodate, but that a series of health conditions caused sores to develop on her husband’s feet from repeatedly trying to push himself up in a bed that was too short for him.
“I knew there was something, somewhere that was available,” Joan said. “Kids aren’t getting any smaller these days!”
When Rusenstrom passed away, his family requested any donations be made to the Pontiac Hospital Foundation to collect funds to purchase an extra-long bed for tall patients, valued at $8,000.
On Jan. 5, the eve of the anniversary of Rusenstrom’s passing, a brand new long bed arrived at the hospital.
Allan Dean, board member of the Pontiac Hospital Foundation, said when the Rusenstrom family approached the hospital about the possibility of ordering a long bed, the foundation got involved.
“We were able to secure some extra funding from the Lions Club,” Dean said. “But it had originally started with the donations that were made when Mr. Rusenstrom passed away, just from the community.”
Going forward, the existing beds at the Pontiac Hospital will be replaced by adjustable beds, which can extend as necessary.
To date, 15 adjustable beds have been installed to ensure greater comfort for patients.


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