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Extreme cold and the running of the dogs

Simon Drouin rounds the first bend in the six-dog races of the Sunday.
The second Pontiac International Sled Dog and Skijoring Race took place over the weekend, seeing fiery spirits in racer and their dog teams flare up despite the frigid temperatures. Pictured, Luke Siertsema waits for the countdown at the starting line in a six-dog race on Saturday afternoon.
For many teams of dogs, the finish line was just another checkpoint, and racers had to hit the brakes hard to stop their team completely. Pictured, Brady McConkey comes up on the finish line in the Saturday race.
Racing dogs of all kinds were seen at the event, barking and eager to get running. Jenny-Lee Gauthier is seen pulled by her team of huskies on the Saturday afternoon.
When the canines were finally stopped, the cold was quick to show around their snouts, though they were more eager for a drink than a towel.
The cold was quick to show on people’s faces, too. Eric Rochon doesn’t get a chance to wipe off the ice on his beard while guiding his dogs through.
One of the few officials who had to be outside for most of the event, meaning they had to brave the wind, snow and cold all weekend, was the event marshal, who held everyone to appropriate standards of the international competition. Marshal Jim Cunningham, pictured, counts down the last five seconds before the next racer is let loose.

Donald Teuma-Castelletti
BRISTOL Jan. 6-7, 2018
The arctic temperatures came south just in time this year, ensuring the frigid weather would provide the backdrop for eager dogs, skilled racers and the sleds that kept them all together over the weekend.
Yet, the cold couldn’t keep dogsled racers from all over North America away from the second annual Pontiac International Sled Dog and Skijoring Race, where over 80 racers took to the track at Timberland Tours in Bristol.
“It’s been a very good turnout and we’ve seen lots of new dog teams, which is great for the future of the sport,” said Denis Rozon, event organizer and owner-operator of Timberland Tours. “Plus, we’ve continued to attract the top teams, which means we’ve got a great trail.”


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