Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Farmers need more support, Shawville gathering tells minister

Forty people attended a discussion on agriculture, food security and rural economic development at the Little Red Wagon Winery in Shawville on Friday morning that was hosted by Pontiac MP Sophie Chatel with special guest federal revenue minister Marie-Claude Bibeau.
Chatel said they were there mostly to listen.
“We want to hear your point of view, what we should be doing,” said the MP. “Everything we cannot answer today, we will provide an answer later.”
A key issue raised was the need for direct support to farmers.
“More and more farmers are getting out of farming. More struggle to make ends meet. Lots of farmers are approaching retirement age with no money in their pocket. Young people are starting off and can’t see how they’ll ever make a living out of farming,” Geneviève Grossenbacher told THE EQUITY after the meeting.
Based in MRC Papineau, Grossenbacher is the Director of Policy with an organization called Farmers for Climate Solutions, working with governments to support farmers in adapting to climate change, and is also president of Écoute Agricole which offers mental health support to farmers.
“There’s kind of a crisis now with inflation, interest rates, climate change . . . there’s kind of a perfect storm that’s hitting farmers and we really need a crisis response.”
“We’re seeing mental health issues are increasing amongst the farming community. The level of calls we’re . . .


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