Saturday, September 23, 2023
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First Maurice Beauregard Memorial 3-pitch Ball Tournament raises over $23,000

A dusk baseball game during the Maurice Beauregard Memorial 3-pitch Ball Tournament.

The first of the planned-to-be-,annual baseball tournaments in honour of Maurice Beauregard, the former mayor of Campbell’s Bay who passed away last October after a battle with cancer, took place last weekend.
The tournament saw 14 teams compete in two different divisions and was used as an occasion to raise money for three $500 scholarships in Maurice’s honour, one for a student from each of the three high schools in the Pontiac.
In honour of Maurice’s volunteer work, event organizer and Maurice’s widow Kelly McMahon said the scholarships will go to students who have performed community service.
“It’s not something based on academics, because a leader is not necessarily the person that got 100 per cent on all the tests. It’s the person who’s contributing to the school community, who’s organizing events and bringing life to student activities within the school,” McMahon said. “We wanted to kind of recognize that within the youth, those who have that characteristic that Moe had.”
Any money raised over the amount needed to fund the scholarships will go into improving Maurice Beauregard Park, according to McMahon.
Before expenses, the tournament raised over $23,000.
The tournament started on Friday night and stretched into Sunday afternoon.

“We decided to do it this weekend because it’s my anniversary weekend. Mo and I would have been married 18 years this Sunday,” McMahon said. “We have a family team in a tournament called the Mojo Pockets. The team was named in honour of Maurice because he had two nicknames, he was called Mojo, or he was called Pockets because his hands were always in his pockets.”
The tournament also featured a 50/50 draw and a canteen run by the Shea family.
The team Fully Loaded won the open division while The Rebels won the Rec Division.
Overall the event honouring Maurice’s memory saw a huge turnout.
“If you asked anybody here, they’ll know him in some shape or form,” McMahon said. “We have people coming from all over, people from two, three hours away. So they’re coming from all over to celebrate Maurice, have a good weekend and pay it forward to our future leaders in our high schools that are graduating this year.”

Brett Thoms
Campbell’s Bay May 26-28 2023


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