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Fishing lines, hockey sticks and darts

The annual Otter Lake Fire Department fishing derby took over the recreation association grounds on Saturday, where folks could drop a line, play some ball hockey or compete in a darts tournament. Pictured: Nathan Dubeau rushes the opposite team in the final game of the ball hockey tournament.
The Otter Lake Fire Department held their annual fishing derby fundraiser, complete with ball hockey and lots of darts to have a bit of fun for everyone in the community. Front row, from left: Some of the fire department and volunteers for the day included Virginia Belland, Hailey Richard, Lee Vadneau and George St-Pierre. Front row, from left: Melanie Dumouchel and Miranda Kluke.
The ball hockey tournament saw a close game between teams Overrated and Storm, but the former came out on top. Pictured, Tyson Richard goes for a big save in the final period.
Those fishing had the choice of anywhere on the ice that they’d like to fish, allowing for lots of opportunity to bring home the big haul. From left: Some of the younger anglers out that day included Darien Kenny, Jaeden Kenny, Allisha Kenny, Rianna Perriard, James Flood, Raymond Perriard and Devon Kenny.
Though the ball hockey tournament only saw three teams compete, a fierce rivalry took over in the final game before Overrated emerged victorious. From left: The winning team included Bradley Dubeau, Hailey Dubeau, Kayzer Lavigne, Sylvain Menard, Candis Miljour, Brady Dubeau, Nathan Dubeau, Ralf Presly and goalie Tyson Richard.
A darts tournament ran inside the recreation association, keeping all the local shooters focused on achieving that perfect game. Pictured: Peter Lacelle aims for the bullseye.

Donald Teuma-Castelletti
OTTER LAKE Feb. 3, 2018
There was something for everyone in Otter Lake on Saturday, as expert anglers dropped lines through the ice with the help of ambitious amateurs by their sides, the sharp-eyed shooters took their shot at dart boards indoors and those that were looking to get the blood flowing a bit quicker hit the rink for a ball hockey tournament.
That’s because the Otter Lake Fire Department held their annual fishing derby on Saturday, in support of the crew and some extras they need to provide for the staff.
“By putting this on, we buy our own clothes, uniforms, stationery, and can also make donations to diabetes and cancer funds,” said Lt. Lee Vadneau, of the Otter Lake Fire Department. “Last year we bought coats for all the firefighters.”
That’s not all they look to provide for their team, though, as money raised will also benefit the firefighters by extending their life insurance coverage beyond working hours. Vadneau explained that while everyone was covered while on the job, if anything happens to them outside of that, their coverage wouldn’t extend for that.


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