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Fortin celebrated at annual MNA holiday breakfast

Camilla Faragalli
Vinton Dec. 16, 2023
Liberal MNA for Pontiac André Fortin hosted the annual MNA holiday breakfast at the Mickey Creek Golf Club on Saturday morning.
“It’s been a busy session, for me it’s been a busy year,” Fortin said, addressing the packed dining room in a brief introductory speech.
“But it’s nice to be back here and connect with you guys, and see what your priorities are.”
Fortin said he believes that the current public-sector strike is among the most pressing of issues on people’s minds locally.
“There are kids who haven’t been to school in weeks, it’s affecting their school success,” he said, adding that his own seven-year-old daughter, Élodie, is among them.
“To me it’s the government being somewhat irresponsible. They’ve had a year to deal with this, they knew this was coming, the unions gave them a lot of notice that it was going to happen, and there doesn’t seem to be any urgency within government to resolve these patterns and to settle these working conditions.”
Following Fortin’s speech, his wife Marlene Floyd took the floor with a special announcement: Fortin has been voted Parliamentarian of the Year in the National Assembly.
Her words were met by a standing ovation.
John Brennan, owner of Brennan’s Recreational Farms in Sheenboro, knows Fortin personally.
“He’s always been a great lad,” Brennan said. “The award just goes to show the kind of a representative that we have.”
Sophie Chatel, Pontiac Member of Parliament and a colleague of Fortin, was also present at the breakfast.
“I think Fortin is a really good MNA,” she said. “He’s doing excellent work in our community.”
“It’s a nice pat on the back from across the aisle,” Fortin told THE EQUITY of his award, which was determined in a vote open to all 125 parliamentarians.
“It’s always a balance for opposition members. You have to be vocal, you have to be able to call the government out on their failings - and there are numerous on healthcare, especially,” he said.
“But you also have to do it in a way that you’re able to talk to ministers and advance your local files, so it’s a delicate balance. My colleagues seem to think I do it in a very efficient and productive way.”

Pontiac MNA André Fortin reconnects with constituents after a busy parliamentary session
at his annual MNA holiday breakfast hosted at the Mickey Creek Golf Club in Vinton on Saturday. Fortin was recently awarded Parliamentarian of the Year Award in the National Assembly.


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