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Four local nursing students first recipients of MacLachlan bursary

Last month, Kayla Legault submitted an application to work in the kitchen of the Pontiac Hospital over the summer.
Legault is a 17-year-old Fort Coulonge native currently finishing up high school in Mont Laurier, and she wants to become a nurse.
She figured the sooner she could get her foot in the door at the hospital and get a feel for how the ship runs, the better.
She went into the interview for the kitchen position thinking that at best, she would secure a full-time job that would help her pay for nursing studies, which she is set to begin this fall.
But in that interview, Legault also learned she was eligible for a new scholarship being offered to nursing students with a connection to the Pontiac who intend to return to the region to work.
Legault quickly got an application in, and soon after, she was informed it had been successful.
“I was kind of surprised. It felt really amazing to know that I got a scholarship and to me it’s an honour to be one of the few people who got one,” Legault said. “It means a lot to me.”
Legault is one of four local nursing students who have been selected to receive a bursary from the Pontiac Community Hospital Foundation that will support their studies in the city in exchange for their promise they will return to nursing positions in the Pontiac once they graduate.
Legault, Julie Soucie, Sarah Jewell, and Marie-Pier Dufour will each receive . . .


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