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Hair cuts for Maurice

Zainab Al-Mehdar
Campbell’s bay June 4, 2022
Maurice Beauregard is described as being a supportive and fair mayor of Campbell’s Bay and even while battling cancer he still maintains . . .

an active role as mayor and continues his participation on MRC committees.
On April 27 Beauregard was diagnosed with cancer which has been hard for his family and the community. To show support, Charleen Moore, who is also a hairdresser, organized a fundraising event on June 4 to help raise money for the Beauregards.
“We’ve been very good friends with Maurice over the years. Our kids went to daycare and school together and so we’re very close and Maurice has done a lot for the community. So it’s time for us to give back,” said Moore.
The event was held at the Lions Club in Campbell’s Bay where they offered $20 hair cuts and organized a bake sale. It started off with offering folks haircuts and then added the bake sale for fun, Moore said.
“Kelly and Maurice have always given so much to their community through the Lions Club, through volunteer firefighters, through the council, through just being part of the community. They really deserve it,” said Kim Lesage, civil engineer of the MRC.
Tina Lance, the second hairdresser, highlighted that Maurice and Kelly are friends of hers and she has seen them show up for the community every chance they could, so this event was a way to return the favour to Maurice and Kelly for their support.
Maurice was there with his two sons, Carter and Hunter and his wife Kelly Beauregard. “The only thing I can say is it’s overwhelming, when I showed up here I had to cry in my spirit, but it’s just overwhelming to have so much support from so many different people,” said Maurice.
Kelly highlighted it has been touching to see the community rally around her family and show their support. “There are no words actually, we’re very appreciative and very grateful that we’re blessed with such a great community and family and friends,” she said.
A long-time friend of Maurice, Cory Cheslock said it was important to come out and support his friend and that you don’t often see people coming together like this, but added that events like this show that smaller communities can come together.
Chris Sauriol added that the great turnout was just to show how many people admire Maurice. “He’s the fairest mayor that they’ve ever had, he treats everybody the same. He’s volunteered for every kind of sport. He’s volunteered for everything. He just does so much for his community,” said Sauriol.
Lesage highlighted that he loves the Pontiac, he looks out for not just his own community but the whole region.
“I love it, to show the support from all the people young and old. All I can say is, that I’ll get through this. I didn’t expect that. I didn’t want it but I’ve come to learn that if people want to do something for you, take it, live with it and love it,” said Maurice.

Susan Belanger came to support the cause and get her hair cut to help raise money for Maurice Beauregard and his family.
Dylan Sauriol sitting to get his hair cut in support of Maurice Beauregard.