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High-flying, nail-biting hockey

The Flying Elbows Hockey Tournament returned for it’s 19th year to the Shawville Arena, where teams competed across three divisions for their respective cups. Pictured, Atko’s Army goalie Josh Horner defends the net from a Mickey Creek player’s diving shot during a Friday night game.
Champions of the A division - for the third year in a row now - were Atkinson’s Army. Back row, from left: Ben Younge, Steve McCord, Shane Powell, Pat Younge, Danny Hobbs, and Jordan MacDougall. Front row, from left: Josh Horner, Chris Byrne, Dylan Scott, Jason Campbell and Dave Hobbs.
After a hard-fought game, that saw their opponents catch up in the last minute of the third period, Stanton’s Bar’s Roger Larocque netted the game-winning goal in the fourth, making his team champs of the C division. Back row, from left: Cody Smith, Curtis Huckabone, Patrick Dick, Bryce Atkinson, Will Hayes, and Greg Hayes. Middle row, from left: Cody Lafont, Roger Larocque, and Daniel Kingdon. Front row, from left: Alain Poulin and Connor Budarick.
YA Kings’ Nolan Peck tries to protect the puck as he brings it back around Tomlinson’s net, during the final game of the B division on Sunday. Tomlinson would go on to win in overtime.
Both the B and C division final games saw a tie occur in the third period, forcing them into overtime and putting all spectators on the edge of their seats. From left: Benders’ Andrew Cahill attempts to fire one past Stanton’s Bar’s Alain Poulin in the fourth, but the goalie wasn’t prepared to let the C division title go that easily.
After a weekend of tough opponents, the B division saw the Tomlinson team play two nearly back-to-back games in order to cinch the title in the B division. Pictured, Tomlinson’s Kyle Shattler fights off Atkinson’s Army (B level) players for the puck in the semi-finals on Sunday.
The Flying Elbows Men’s Hockey Tournament saw over 300 players participate, across four days of games from March 22 to the 25. Pictured, Adam McNulty returns the puck to his opponent’s side in a C level game on Sunday morning.

Donald Teuma-Castelletti
SHAWVILLE March 22-25, 2018
With two out of three divisions hitting overtime in their final games on Sunday, the return of an annual hockey tournament brought the weekend to a close with nearly everyone on the edge of their seats.
As over 300 hockey players hit the ice and more fists flew than elbows, the 19th edition of the Flying Elbows Men’s Hockey Tournament ruled the Shawville Arena, especially on the Sunday afternoon games.
The first of the nail-biters began at 1 p.m. with the beginning of the finals games, as the C division teams The Benders and Stanton’s Bar kicked things off. Early on, Stanton’s seemed the clear winner, but the last minute of the game threw that into a tailspin.
While the scoreboard read 6-4, The Benders weren’t about to go without a fight. Netting one more in the last minute, the Zamboni was nearly on the ice when they tied the game in the final milliseconds of the third period.


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