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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor – August 2, 2023

Why is that?

Dear Editor,

I’m fairly certain that if I were to drive my car on the PPJ trail, or speed through stop signs and go over the hill on rear wheels only, leave a black trail of rubber on the streets, rev it up with little or no muffler, that I would draw the ire of citizens and perhaps unwanted attention of the gendarmerie. So, I wonder, why is it that dirt bike riders do this with impunity?
Just wondering, you know, that’s what I think about sometimes.

Robert Wills
Thorne and Shawville

Responding to process question

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the editorial by Editor Charles Dickson “A question of process” (THE EQUITY July 26, 2023). There has been a process and I will explain it.
The MRC Pontiac voted publicly to support transformation of municipal solid waste in the Pontiac on Nov. 5, 2010. This effort was abandoned as there was not enough tonnage to support an Energy from Waste (EFW) facility in the Outaouais. In 2017 and 2021 I was elected warden and campaigned on the opportunity to build an energy from waste facility. The Council of Mayors were all in agreement and spoke with their councils about this potential project. From 2019 to 2022 there were six unanimous public votes taken on Energy from Waste. The last one was to move forward with a business plan.
In 2019 an Energy from Waste committee of MRC staff was established. In 2021 a committee of individuals each representing the 18 municipalities was formed to enable better communication inter-municipally, so we could harmonize efforts in recycling, composting and the treatment of residual waste.
With Covid-19, we began the practice of Facebook Live and increased the opportunity for people to watch our public meetings. In my warden reports, I always update the residents on my work as the warden which included my visits to various ministers, advisors, mayors and wardens regarding the EFW project. We planned a bus trip last October to visit and learn about the closest energy from waste facility to us in Durham/York. It is the Swedish-owned Covanta EFW. Part of our process will require public input through the Ministry of the Environment when the environmental impact assessment study is done. The 18 mayors are elected by the people of the Pontiac and they regularly communicate to their councils from the MRC. They are all in daily contact with their residents. For our business plan, a vote was required from the mayors as there are funds that need to be approved.
I have published the most recent project presentation enabling better understanding of the project.
In my opinion, we have followed the proper course of action. With leadership you need to start by defining reality - our reality is that climate change is around us, the garbage is being buried in landfill, we need a better solution for waste and we need more energy.
We are elected to lead, not to satisfy everyone, but to represent the will of the majority. With this waste solution we have the best opportunity to be a leader and model for Quebec. It resolves the problem of the 40% residual waste for the National Capital Region.
There is no greater way that MRC Pontiac can fight climate change and produce much needed energy (electricity).

Jane Toller
Warden MRC Pontiac


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