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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor – August 23, 2023

Revel in the good life

Dear Editor,
Imagine living in a country where the political parties are so divided that members of one party can’t bring themselves to say anything positive about the other. Imagine if one party had lost the election, and spent the next three years claiming to have won, without a scintilla of evidence. Imagine if one national party was dedicated to keeping any legislation from getting through, not because of having other ideas to present, but only to make the governing party look bad.
That’s the country in which I was born, raised and lived in until I was 19. There was a popular bumper sticker in that time, “America - love it or leave it”. I didn’t stop loving it then, but I did find a better place to live, and so I left America, my childhood friends, most of my family, and came to Canada.
Since that time, the U.S. has become more divided than it was back in the very late 60’s. I thought the Nixon era was bad government, but when he was caught cheating on election procedures, he resigned to avoid the impeachment that was imminent. Because the President of the United States is not supposed to cheat on elections, honest senators and congresspeople of both parties knew that and put the country above one person’s greed for power.
It is less likely, but not impossible, for Canada to fall into that sort of cult of personality. Due, in part, to our multi-party system, it would be more difficult for a bumbling buffoon to convince a significant portion of the population that they are being hard done-by, and that a ‘saviour’ will free them from their dissatisfaction.
No, friends, a charismatic narcissist will not free you from the responsibilities of living with your neighbours and sharing the air, the water and the food that is available to us, as a privilege of being in a wealthy nation and members of the upper 20 per cent of the world’s resource consumers.
We would all do well to seek solutions to our situation through co-operation, or just kick back and revel in the good life that we have available to us.

Robert Wills,
Thorne and Shawville


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