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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor – Feb. 21, 2024


Dear Editor,
In a recent article in THE EQUITY covering a presentation I made to Renfrew County on the proposed energy from waste project, there was an error I would like to correct (Warden Toller pitches Pontiac incinerator to Renfrew County, THE EQUITY, Feb. 14, 2024).
In my oral presentation I referred to 450 megawatts, and that was the number used in your article. The slide presentation on the screen had the correct figure which is that 45 megawatts of electricity will be produced.
I look forward to the opportunity to engage with the people of the Pontiac on the important issue of finding the best solution for diversion of our waste from landfill.

Jane Toller
Warden MRC Pontiac

Sticky tentacles

Dear Editor,
For some time now I have been wondering how this ‘waste-to-energy’ idea landed in our community. Your editorial (Octopus in the room, THE EQUITY Feb. 14, 2024) made it clear that this notion did not come from here.
That our warden has a personal/professional relationship with the promoter of Covanta causes me concern because the arithmetic of the project makes no sense.
It is late stage capitalism at its worst.
We would all be better-served if our transfer stations had free stores and composting facilities to help with lessening what we send to landfills. I think our warden’s time would be better served if, rather than importing 395,000 tonnes of garbage into our community, focused on getting the funding and political support needed to help us transition to a circular economy and lessen what is sent to landfills.

Leila Nulty, Thorne

Freedom of speech

Dear Editor,
One often hears of someone complaining about not being allowed to express their viewpoint. The constitutions of Canada and the United States both make promises that freedom of speech shall not be infringed by the government, not by our society as a whole.
As with many other guaranteed freedoms, promises on paper are not always upheld in day-to-day life. If you feel your viewpoint is not being properly heard, consider that your neighbours and fellow citizens might not care to listen, and even after your grievances are aired, you might not get your own way in all things. Ranting is not very persuasive.
Most items of business are conducted according to what is trending with the majority. If you’re an outlier, over on the thin edge of the bell curve, you should get used to doing more things on your own, not waiting until the majority changes its mind (which may never happen) and all society moves in your direction. This is the reason we have several religions and several political parties.
Render unto Caesar your share for the use of roads, sewers, water, etc. Don’t pollute the water, don’t clog the sewer, and don’t drive too fast on the wrong side of the road. We’ll be ok, if we all keep to our own lane. I say this as a reminder to myself, but you may find relevance in your own life.

Robert Wills, Thorne and Shawville


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