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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor – June 21, 2023

Ruffled feathers

Dear Mr. Dickson:
Since June 12, 2023 and your subsequent edition of THE EQUITY, June 14, 2023, I suspect there is even more ammunition in my “war chest” (my pun) to expand on.
First and foremost, I wonder if the people in the community of Shawville are even aware of how much you fight for them.
Needless to say, I refer to both Bill 96 (provincial) and Bill C-13 (federal), which are indeed “Selling us down the river”.
And then, there are the municipal governments of both Bristol and Mansfield/Fort Coulonge.
I repeat, as I stated earlier, that there is a very disturbing trend for those in power to make decisions with little or zero thought of the impact on the lives of others.
Bill 96 affects all anglophones living in Quebec and it is both draconian and bullying in the tactics used to ensure it is law.
Notwithstanding clause anyone? As I understand, this, and please correct me if I am wrong, it may be used for five years.
Federally, Bill C-13 amends the Official Languages Act, and as I see it, ignores language rights for the one million plus anglophones now in Quebec, too. Again, correct me if I am wrong.
Municipal governments seem to me to have abused the powers they have. Examples: Norway Bay Golf Course, owned jointly by John Edelman and Jodi Armstrong; the laundromat in Mansfield/Fort Coulonge owned by Robert Soullard and Helene Vaillancourt. It seems that both disputes evolved regarding tax disputes and the owners had NO option but to pay these taxes or end up having their properties put up for sale. Really?? Let us look at this a little closer. Both my husband and I golf and are members at Norway Bay. Having moved here from Ontario in 2017, we joined Norway Bay Golf Club in late 2017, and I believe it closed not long after. We were ecstatic to hear that it was opening again under new management, Astra Estates, and joined it as soon as we were able. Since it re-opened, we had the opportunity to not only golf again, but to meet many like-minded people, enjoyed life again after covid onset. We know firsthand what was required and agreed it would be great for Quebec business which has suffered enormously.
We do not go to Fort Coulonge to do our laundry, but are aware that many do, and we are horrified that property taxes have risen exorbitantly. My take is that for unknown reasons small businesses are being targeted and, whatever the reasons, they are more than a little suspicious. Golfers are not the only ones who will lose, people who want to have clean clothes will too.
What is going on?? And, I sincerely hope that I have ruffled some feathers.
And, thank you for listening, THE EQUITY.

Sandra Barber
Luskville, Quebec


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