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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor – March 20, 2024

Hauling garbage

Dear Editor,
Large cities should handle their own waste, and reduce trucking. Use the best refuse management available. What is wrong with another Trail Road-type site? What about the Greenbelt? At the same time, go farther . . . of course recycling. What about better control over demolition, the so-called dry dumps. Make permits and tipping fees so high that kitchen cupboards and usables would be available for reuse, for repurpose. More construction material like wood should be ground up. Reduce the dumping mentality. Don’t go the route of TV reno shows where the sledge is the answer along with the dumping container. Sad.

Tom Strike, Gracefield

We can help each other

Dear Editor,
Our Warden says we in Pontiac produce five thousand tonnes of garbage per year; 1.5 pounds per day per person . . . Ok, so I began weighing my household waste - spoiler alert - I am significantly less than this.
How is this possible? By separating the waste at source in my kitchen, composting food waste, and cleaning and storing all plastics brought into the home. This part is key because organics (food waste) cause methane when landfilled.
Ninety-nine per cent of plastics are from fossil fuel, under 10 per cent of plastic is recycled - in fact, plastics can only be ‘down cycled’ once, rarely twice. As we’ve all experienced when trying to reuse a plastic container.
So, what should we do with our plastic? Because it is a fossil fuel, if we burn it we release its carbon into the atmosphere (among other things), and that’s bad.
What if we collected, shredded, baled and landfilled the clean plastic during this transition away from plastic?
We can help each other do this . . . and the sooner the better.
If we build an incinerator we will have no incentive to sort organics out of the waste stream or to find alternatives to plastic packaging.

Leila Nulty, Thorne


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