Sunday, July 14, 2024
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor – May 8, 2024

Outside the box

Dear Editor,
The common sense approach to development as reflected in your editorial is, in my view, right on the mark (What does Pontiac need? THE EQUITY, Apr. 17, 2024).
For starters, the search for practical ideas to promote the Pontiac would be facilitated by brainstorming sessions involving participants from both Pontiacs. There are, as you suggested, existing and potential assets in the Pontiac that could serve the population well.
Also, for example, overcoming the Ottawa River’s navigation limitations would bring more visitors. Opening up a highway beyond Sheenboro and providing access to the scenic views of the Ottawa River could make the Pontiac a portal to many more travellers and tourists.
These are my expensive pipe dreams at the moment but as long-range targets, why not?
Organized brainstorming of residents would no doubt uncover many more practical ideas. I hope that outside the box recommendations like yours gets wheels.

Terry O’Connor, Kanata

No butts about it

Dear Editor,
Thanks to the generous donation from Brandyn Gauthier of Shawville’s Giant Tiger store, Ile-du-Grand-Calumet will be installing its first cigarette disposal bin. I am hoping this will help stub out cigarette litter.
The number of cigarette butts in front of the community mailbox where I live is unbelievable. Because there are no consequences to littering, some people think it’s ok to just throw that butt on the ground. But this has to stop. We are poisoning the ground and the wildlife.
I am hoping that other communities do the same and that people will actually start using the bin. If we care enough we can win this war on litter.

Rosemarie Farrell, Ile-du-Grand-Calumet


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