Saturday, September 23, 2023

Luskville Farm Hop draws crowds on sunny day
in early May

Each farm who participated in the Luskville Farm Hop hosted vendors and artisans.

Connor Lalande
Luskville May 6, 2023
A collection of farms in the Luskville area opened their proverbial doors this past Saturday for the Luskville Farm Hop. A free of charge event that has become a staple within the regional community, the Luskville Farm Hop brings together a selection of farms and vendors to provide them with an opportunity to showcase their products and agricultural practices.
According to the mission statement listed on the Luskville Farm Hop website, its purpose is to, “create relationships and empower consumers to lead the transition to a sustainable food and retail system by connecting them directly to their local producers.”
The Luskville Farm Hop’s format was informal and free flowing. Three farms - Mountain View, Leystone and Infinity - invited the public onto their grounds to exhibit their products and practices. The public was empowered to visit any farm they wished, and in any order. At each participating farm, a handful of regional vendors were also present showcasing products of their own.
Operator of Mountain View farm and creator of the Luskville Farm Hop, Renée Savoie, said that the idea was one born out of a desire to garner awareness of the sustainable artisan and agricultural practices being undertaken by members of the community.
“I just feel like there are tons of amazing farms, vendors and artists in the area and I just wanted to give them an opportunity to share what they are doing and what they can offer to the community,” said Savoie.
Victoria Mestres-Laurin, co-owner of Infinity Farm, said that each year the Luskville Farm Hop is held, she sees a noticeable increase in attendance by both residents of the Pontiac and those coming from outside the community.
“At the same time as we are teaching, we are also learning. Being part of this is to share our passion with the community, it’s not about making money,” said Mestres-Laurin.
Trefor Munn-Venn, co-owner of Leystone Farms, credits Renée Savoie’s leadership in developing the Luskville Farm Hop and says he is happy to be part of such a forward thinking project to help showcase the regional community.
“We want to show people the richness of the Pontiac. That’s important to us,” said Munn-Venn. “The Farm Hop is a cool idea because it makes it very accessible for people to see a wide variety, in a small space, really easily.”


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